14 Space Saving Design Hacks to Make Your Home Bigger

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Today I’m going to be sharing with you how you can make your small room look bigger. I know a lot of us live in small spaces, small apartments, and tiny homes. And it's all about tricking the eye and making it seem like there's more space than there actually is. I’m going to be taking you through design ideas, space saving hacks and little tips and tricks that you can use in your space, to make it seem so much bigger.

6 Furniture Hacks

Furniture Size

When picking new furniture for your space, you need to consider the scale of your furniture and your room. They need to go hand in hand together. If you have a smaller room, you shouldn't be buying big heavy clunky furniture that will weigh down your space. You can buy smaller furniture that doesn't take up much room, which will definitely allow some space in your room to make it look that much bigger. There’s actually a lot of furniture companies right now, who sell more apartment style furniture, which is perfect for small spaces like apartments, condos and small homes. And they just look so much more appropriate in the space. Maybe it’s a good idea to stay away from the big clunky matching furniture sets and go for something a little smaller.

proper furniture size makes the room bigger

Furniture Placement

Another important thing to consider is furniture placement. When you're placing furniture in your space, try and keep it off the walls. I know a lot of people like to place their furniture up against the walls, and allow more space in the middle. However that really tricks your eye into thinking that the room is too small for all this furniture. If you bring the furniture off the walls and place it in the middle of the room and style it nicely, your room will look that much larger. Sometimes it's actually really hard to make a space look nice, when things are up against walls. It doesn't feel like anything's working together, when you bring things off the walls, you can really design a space cohesively and you can really tie little pieces together. Sometimes when things are too far apart and all placed in different directions, you can't see the overall picture. If you don't have enough space to bring your furniture off the walls, you can start out by angling some of your furniture pieces. This works really well with side chairs and little reading nooks by angling them in a corner, allowing things to be a different shape.

proper furniture placement makes the room bigger

Multipurpose Furniture

If you're working with a really small space, you might want to consider some multi-purpose furniture pieces. It means you'll have less furniture pieces in your space, but you'll be able to do multiple things with them. That could be a console table that doubles as a workspace or a couch that doubles as a pull-up bed. There's so many different things that you can do, to really maximize the use and purposes of all those furniture pieces. And in the end it will make your space feel that much bigger.


multipurpose furniture makes the room bigger

Furniture with Storage

Another example of that would be furniture that doubles as storage. That could be a storage bench, a bed that has storage underneath. There’s so many different furniture pieces that you can use and hide your clutter away. It’s a really great idea to take advantage of those larger items and use them to their maximum potential, which you only need to buy one thing that can do multiple different things.


furniture with storage makes the room bigger

Glass/Acrylic Furniture

Another thing you can think about when shopping for furniture for your small space, is getting some see-through furniture pieces. That could be glass tables or acrylic units. Anything that you can see through will make your space feel that much larger. It’ll make it feel like there is so much more room in that space, even if you didn't remove any furniture.


glass/acrylic furniture makes the room bigger

Furniture with Legs

My last furniture design tip is to pick furniture with longer legs. I know there's a lot of furniture out there, that sits right on the floor and that's good in some situations. But if you're looking to gain more space in your room, making your room appear larger, you can pick furniture that's off the ground and has a nice tapered leg. That really allows you to see the floor space. It brings your furniture up a bit, which brings your eye up and makes your space feel so much bigger.


furniture with long legs makes the room bigger

5 Décor Hacks

There is so many little decorating tricks that you can use, to make your space feel so much larger. And it's really easy just by adding things in and placing them in different areas.

Rug Size

A rug is something that should be big and anchoring your space, when you get a rug that's too small for your room. It actually makes the whole room feel that much smaller, if you get a larger rug that takes up a lot of your space and you anchor all your furniture on it. You'll end up with a larger look, which will really spread the pattern out across the floor, brighten up your floor space and make your room feel bigger. I know a lot of people make the mistake of having a small rug in their space, and it’s kind of floating in the room. Instead of buying a new rug to replace that, you can layer a larger rug underneath, in which way you can keep your rug and add another one to the space. That will really trick your eye into thinking the living space has expanded. And it really makes the space come together and makes it feel that much more open.

proper rugs make the room bigger


This is one of the easiest things you can do to make your space feel bigger and that is implementing mirrors. If you have a tiny little entryway by putting in a large mirror, it will drastically change the look of that space and make it feel much larger. The same thing goes for expanding any kind of living space. If you have a room that has windows on one side of the room by adding mirrors on the other, it will really make the space feel a little bit more balanced, and trick your eye into thinking that the room is even larger now.

mirror makes the room bigger


When it comes to hanging curtains, you should try and hang the rod as close as you can to the ceiling. That is really going to dry your eye up and make it appear that the walls are taller than they really are. It’s going to also expand the look of your window, which makes your room appear larger. A lot of people make the mistake of hanging their rod at the same height as the edge of their window. And it just really compresses everything in and makes everything look small and miniature by expanding the look of it. This can trick your eye into thinking the window is larger and longer. It will make your entire room seem that much bigger.


proper curtains make the room bigger

Hide Clutter

Another little easy to core trick you can do, to make your space feel larger, is find a core that hides clutter. Just like furniture that has storage incorporated into it. Decor that hides clutter really opens up the look of your space. That there's less around, but everything is hidden, that's really the reason why I like using baskets. Because I can keep all these things out that I want, but they're hidden away behind a basket that looks decorative and organized. And you don't see all the clutter, if you find space in small decorative pieces like baskets, trays, trunks and boxes. Those types of things will really clean up the look of your space, and make it look so much bigger.

basket makes the room bigger

Mount Your TV

Another really easy decor trick you can do if you haven't already, is mount your TV. It’s such a simple thing, but it makes such a big difference. It really clears up the amount of space in your room, it draws your eye up towards the TV, and really allows more space underneath. Instead of having a large to console or a large media unit, you can get rid of that. Just mount it on your wall and clear up so much space.

mount your tv makes the room bigger

3 Painting Hacks

Paint Trim and Wall

Let's talk about painting hacks that you can do to make your space look larger. One thing you can easily do with paint, that is a little untraditional, is paint the exact same color from your baseboards to your crown molding. That will really expand the look of that wall and make your walls look extremely long. That will really accentuate the height of your ceiling and trick the eye into thinking it's a larger room than it really is. This is especially useful if you're using a bold color. If you paint all the details of the same color, it really will lengthen that wall. Now to expand that even further you can go, as far as painting your door and the trim around the door. The same color as the wall that means you'd have an extremely seamless looking space, and it's a very stunning high-end looking thing to do. It’s definitely bold but it really makes a huge difference in a small space

pain trim and wall makes the room bigger

Accent Wall

If you don't want to go that bold by painting all the walls, you can choose to paint one wall and do a good accent piece. This could be a painted fireplace, a painted wall or a painted door. Having one little accent moment really makes a room look exciting, but it also makes it look larger. It draws a lot of attention to one area of the space, which allows room to breathe in the other areas. You can keep a very light and airy space, but go really dramatic in one direction and it ends up making the space feel larger.

accent wall makes the room bigger

Large Scale Pattern Wallpaper

If you don't want to do any painting but you're thinking about using wallpaper, definitely consider wallpaper that has a large scale pattern on it. That will really trick your eye into thinking that this is a huge wall and it expands the look of the room by a lot. If you do a small pattern, sometimes it looks cluttered and a little hectic. Please choose a large bold pattern, it really opens up the space and makes it feel big. I know it's so overwhelming, decorating and designing a space. There's just a lot to think about. But if you keep this little list in mind, you will end up with a beautiful open bright looking space.

large scale pattern wallpaper makes the room bigger


All in all, there are so many different space saving design hacks to make your small room looks bigger. Sometimes, you can accomplish it by changing a proper furniture, or changing the decor or even just painting your wall. If all of them are not working for your home, you can take lighting fixture into account like a proper modern chandelier. Comment below and let me know which hacks is the most useful for you. And did you have better idea to make your room larger?