Tips to Choose Staircase Chandelier and Top 10 Modern Staircase Chandeliers Recommended

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8 Tips to Choose Staircase Chandelier

Are you looking for the best way to pick up modern staircase chandeliers? Today I will share 8 tips to choose staircase chandeliers and recommend 10 modern staircase chandeliers with main features.

Tip 1 – Function and Focus

You need to confirm the function and focus of this chandelier before placing the order. Staircase chandelier can brighten up your room with statement lights to give task lighting and it also can be the big art décor for your home. Which function and focus you want will decide the style of this staircase chandelier. If you need it to provide enough brightness to offer mutual radiance with your luxury furniture, a long big chandelier with multiple crystal and lighting resources will be your perfect choice, while if you just want a stylish décor complement for your staircase, you can buy some chandelier with less bulbs to give refracting lights. Some dimmable bulbs can make it also.

Tip 2 – Styles

It’s vital to compatible with your current home décor design with your staircase chandelier. Generally speaking, a staircase chandelier can be suitable for modern, traditional, ornate or industrial style based on different material, finish, shape and more. Crystal staircase chandelier with brass canopy and dramatic style will be good for modern design.

Tip 3 – Angles

Make sure it looks great from different angles, even if you look through the window from the outside.

Tip 4 – Harmony with Banister

Because this chandelier is connected with your staircase, if it looks weird for example when the staircase banister is wood, while the chandelier is stainless steel. The contrast will damage the beauty of this chandelier.

Tip 5 – Size and Height

Don’t forget to measure the size of your room and staircase and the height between the ceiling and floor. To determine the chandelier height, first, measure the room height. Next, multiply the room height by three. This equals the suggested height of your chandelier in inches. Keep in mind, the chandelier size should also be in scale and proportion to room furnishings. More about it, please check here>>>

Tip 6 – Load Capacity

Doesn’t like small or medium chandelier, most of time staircase chandelier is big and long enough. You need to check the ceiling load capacity and make sure the safety after hung in the roof. Some of modern staircase chandeliers request 150 pounds load capacity, you need to check with the local contractor first.

Tip 7 – Access

Installation is the first step for this chandelier, you need to take the replacement and daily cleaning into account. Make sure you can make it without difficulties.

Tip 8 – Energy Efficiency

Though the bulb is not included for most of staircase chandelier, you can pick up some LED dimmable lights to save the energy. And the dimmer can create different vibes based on different environment.

Top 10 Modern Staircase Chandeliers

14-Bulb Meteor Design Staircase Chandelier

This staircase chandelier combines with 14 transparent crystal bulbs with ceiling canopy chrome finish. With the sleek style, those included bulbs are wrapped by bubble glass, which will bring enough brightness for your room. That’s good for task lighting to provide statements.

K9 Clear Crystal Staircase Chandelier

Made of hundreds of K9 crystals, this staircase chandelier gives the luxuries for your castle like pouring water. It shocks for the first sight and the appreciation is greater than practical. The negative part is you would be better to hire some professional electrician to install it safely.

Spiral Design Easy-to-Install Staircase Chandelier

This might be the easiest to install staircase chandelier with spiral design. All the pendants are pre-wired and pre-threaded for easy installation, what you need to do is to assemble the big crystal drops and install the fixture into the ceiling box. That’s much time-saving and money-saving for some big chandeliers like this.

Spiral Sphere Stainless Steel Octagonal Crystal Staircase Chandelier

This raindrop spiral sphere octagonal crystal staircase chandelier can bright up your room with numerous transparent balls. It looks like three big crystal balls spinning on a line with different light intensity. The light casts from the top and transmits to the downward balls, which gives your space modern and stylish.

9-Bulb Spiral Tornado Design Staircase Chandelier

This sparking spiral downward staircase chandelier looks like a crystal tornado in your house. With a handful of big and small K9 crystals, this light provides refracting light in multiple angles generating rich shining effect with gorgeous and luxurious spiral raindrop design.

3-Layer Lantern Style Staircase Chandelier

Looks like 3D effect lantern floating in the space, this 3-layer staircase chandelier is attractive because of the unique and special design. The stainless steel gives adequate load capacity of this staircase chandelier.

Big Wave Style Staircase Chandelier

Different from other chandelier, this staircase chandelier is much for staircase, bedroom, living room or dining room because of limited chain length. If the height between roof and floor is not too far, you can consider this big wave style version. It gives you the fresh air from sea with the unique design. If you love the blue sea, you can buy a dimmer and turn it on blue mode.

3 Big Balls with 8 Small Balls Staircase Chandelier

This staircase chandelier is consist of 3 big balls and 8 small balls. Each ball is combined with numbers of crystal balls. It not just brings luxury to your home, it also provides extra beauty for your home décor.

Long Bottle Fireflies-like Staircase Chandelier

Featured by long bottle fireflies-like bulbs, this staircase chandelier is the perfect choice for modern farmhouse style. If you already brought some natural plants into your home, changed most of the furniture with farmhouse style, the last thing left might be a staircase chandelier like this. Those fireflies-like bulbs will bring you into a long summer vividly.

Empire-Style Crystal Staircase Chandelier

If you want to décor your house into an empire, don’t miss this crystal staircase chandelier. Inspired by French-empire style, this raindrop chandelier can make your room elegance and sophistication as a palace.